Thursday, July 23, 2015

Our "Out West" trip (part I)

"Out West Trip" 2015 (part I)

Most of you know us and if you don't, it is just simple: We love to travel. We want to, wished to get this fever in our children. Now they have no choice. It might be little selfish from us, but there is the saying in Czech " How you make them, this way they will be". 
So this year we have decided to drive out west towards Colorado. I would then take Marco, Mei and Makai and fly from there to Europe to see my parents (all of this already happened, I am just very behind).
We left shortly after school was out. May 24th to be exact. It was day earlier than planed, but nothing unusual, we do this often.
We stopped in Memphis to see the touristy area and had lunch in one of those touristy bars. Not so special. I guess eating there with 3 kids was not the highlight. 
Yet the highlight for all of them was to see the "pyramid" aka Outdoor World of Bass Pro. I swear they use the Outdoor World more and more, no wonder our Outside World gets lost with it.
The building and the indoor decor was impressive. Would be nice to have that kind of budget:)
Our kids love the ride up the elevator to the balcony overlook.

 Next stop was Buffalo River State Park in Ozarks. We planned on taking the kiddos down on canoe or raft,but due to flooding it was not possible.
 You can see in the picture how muddy the Buffalo river looked then. So we did some hiking and hanging around the campsite. We all needed that after busy last week of school.

 We stopped at "Cadillac Ranch" while driving through Amarillo Texas. Cadillac ranch is bunch of old striped Cadillacs spray painted with graffiti and stuck in the ground (mud in our case). Fun stop on the way.
Here one of our picturesque campsite.

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Yes our first BIG stop was Great Sand Dunes National Park and we loved it! Side not - wear socks or some feet covering, flip-flops are not so good in hot sand and hot sun. I felt like my feet were on fire, so the rest of our hike I have done in socks. We had fun here. Marco loved sledding down the sand dunes and Mei and Makai played in the creek from melted snow.
 Yeah we kind of left him behind back pack and he was happy playing in the sand. 
 Fun in the water
 Marco and the Dunes
 Somewhere towards Wolf Pass high in the mountains
 Continental divide
 Wolf Pass from the bottom

Mesa Verde

Mesa Verda with its unbelievable history of Pueblo Indians living in those cliffs for 700 hundred years. We had to climb some stairs and ladders, so Makai ended up in the back pack and let's say that the kids did not enjoy much of the talking by guide. They loved climbing the ladders.
 Look who passed out head backwards on daddy's back in backpack!


Canyonlands was by far our favorite on this trip. Couple of reasons:
  • it was not crowded
  • it was MAGNIFICENT
We will have to come back here with Sherman and camp down in canyons. We did some hiking, climbed a lot of rocks, through a lot of rocks also, climbed some ladders and while doing that got really filthy.

to be continued ............

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

It has been a year with Makai!

Today marks whole year since I have met Makai in China. It has been wonderful year with our little comedian. We have learned so much about this little boy and could not be more happy (lucky) to be his parents.
Our first moments

And today.

He is the most funny child we have here. He can make you laugh with doing silly things. Some of those are naughty little things that he will test you with, but he will provide you with the best mischievous smile he can while doing it. He is loving little boy and we are forever thankful to find him. Love you Makai Xiaolong (little dragon in Chinese - they knew)!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Marco turned 6

We have celebrated Marco's 6th birthday. How did this happen? He is no longer baby, toddler, but kindergartner. He can read! If someone would tell me that my child will read after 6 months in school and not even 6 year old I would not believe it. He can also do basic math and is little smarty pants. I think he had inherited photographic memory from his granddaddy and his uncle Ryan. 
Here he is - big 6 year old with his friends and siblings celebrating his birthday at our home. Prior that we had taken them to see movie as this was Marco;s request.

And next day what happened - yep Snow Day! Well we had about 1/3 inch of snow, but it was still fun for kids in Georgia.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy 3 year old birthday Makai!

Yes our Makai is 3 year old today! He is celebrating his first birthday with us his forever family. We love him very much and are proud to be his family. I have met Makai in China over 10 months ago and he is home just little short of that. So many changes in his life.

Happy Birthday our Makai

Friday, December 26, 2014

Thanksgiving and Christmas 2014

This year Thanksgiving and Christmas were again even more special than ever. These were all first for Makai and he took them in with a smile. We had some pictures done in November as family of 5 so we have good memory of this special time of year with our special children.

Also this Christmas we had my parents here, so it was really great for them to experience the holiday spirit with us. We celebrated the Czech way by having Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve and right after that we opened our presents. Brent's parents also come join us for this, so we had full house that night, but I could not be more happy. Kids were excited from all the gifts. Makai I think lost interest after gift #2. Poor little boy have never had so much before and could not all get it in. Also it was hard to concentrate on anything while the others are squeaking with excitement.
Now the American way:
Next morning of they went to see what Santa left them under the tree.
Marco got as he wished Zip line, Mei got her pony (which she abandon 2 days later, it is hard to be sis to 2 boys) and Makai got his wish BIG truck. For those who really knows Makai he loves Big Trucks and we have a lot of them here, but he wanted to have big truck, so he got it.

Those Troncalli's kids must have been really good!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Half the Sky update on Makai

First of all I am sorry for not posting at all. I am horrible writer and even more in English, but that is what you get to be my friend or family. Life with 3 kids, full time work and busy family business just sometime does not leave me with much left. This is set of couple of blog post I hope to update for last couple of months.

We have received great info from Half the Sky foundation in China about Makai. Few months after we left China with Makai I have learned he has been sent to Half the Sky for treatment of his club feet. This is huge for any adoptive parent for couple of reasons and here are the ones for us:

  •  Half the Sky is great organization and they provide great care to children 
  •  We got more pictures and we finally saw picture of our boys special sweet feet before surgery
  •  We learned about what approach was taken for treatment of his club feet.
We got these pictures of our boy when he was between 8 - 10 months old which are the youngest picture of him we will probably ever have, aside the mug shot they made for his finding add (newspaper add in Chinese local paper where they looking for parents, has to run for certain time and it is on the page with 20-30 other children or more). So this is very significant.
This last picture shows our little boy in his cast. I am not posting his little cute feet picture for privacy reason, as this his to share, but I have to say that they are adorable. Yep I am crazy.

So these picture are priceless, but what we learned from the actual update was even better. Makai's club foot repair was done in the order most western doctors would do, from casting, tendon release, casting again, bracing etc.

They also point us to blog update about him:
and yes they call him Laughing Buddha:
Buddha Maitreya XiaoLong

We are so thankful for all this great news about him and finally can connect some of the dots. We are thankful to Half the Sky for the great care they provide him.

Please click Here to  donate to Half the Sky